DaS AuReality is an evolutionary diffusion technology
allowing any speaker to create the perfect listening environment.
DaS means ‘Diffusion at Source’,
AuReality refers to the ideal point source ‘gold standard’
… impossible until now


How your speaker sounds in these remarkable auditoriums
… now experience the reality.
DaS AuReality
humanizes speaker technology

experience the reality

Sound Beyond
Space & Time

Our brain, senses and body know the difference between natural live sounds and those created by a speaker.

DaS AuReality allows all the natural psycho acoustic cues present in a pure live soundfield and nothing else, resulting in a PURE natural sound unadulterated by the environment.

  • DaS auto-decorrelates the soundfield phase, so no coherent reflections are formed, meaning the envelope is unaffected by the ‘false reality’ of spatial and temporal physics of the room.
  • DaS also significantly reduces the ‘precedence effect’ of a collapsing soundstage typical of stereo speakers, so now the sweet spot is everywhere.
  • Listeners experience ONLY the spatial cues encoded in the original direct sound or recording, free from interfering overlays of spatial cues created by specular reflections of the listening space.
  • DaS is a license technology that allows any form of speaker to behave as a true point source, with PURE DIFFUSION creating an extraordinary extra-dimensional living sound experience.

DaS AuReality humanizes sound in
3 unique ways

Subtle aesthetic nuances in the harmonics and musicality of the sound not possible to perceive before without highly complex, expensive room treatments.

Acute intelligibility and heightened audibility meaning voices and sounds can be heard extremely clearly without strain or fatigue even at low volumes.

An extra-dimensional holographic soundscape of remarkably precise detail, depth and breadth allowing exact geo-location of the tiniest sonic detail within a mix.

DaS AuReality can be easily incorporated into every possible type of speaker technology, transforming every listening experience whether it be musical, business, conferencing, recording, podcasts, concerts, lectures, public address, soundtracks … humanizing auditory communication and expression of every kind.

Typical applications include TV, HiFi, car audio, PA, professional studio, commercial cinema, cellphones, stadiums, home studio, computers, home cinema, VR, gaming and many more.

Commentary on the effect of DaS AuReality on speakers by Daniel Lazerus, renowned music producer of many of the world’s greatest artists and movie soundtracks.
Daniel used NewAudio AS8, the first speaker system incorporating DaS in his Bergen studio Norway in 2020.

DaS affords what I can only call an exacting sound location listening experience that recreates a mix to it’s very minutiae of placement in stereo spread and spectral depth. The spectral depth is what truly allows for location to have it’s most stunning specificity.

In this I knew exactly where Mile Davis was standing on the “Kind Of Blue” album recording and where all the other players were in the room with an almost shocking uncanny disbelief that such was even possible after four decades of recording and mixing music and film scores.

This wasn’t just (to my quite refined ears at this point in my career) about knowing the sense of stereo placement, this was exact geographic location within an accurate sonic field that was placed into the control room and was so dimensional that I could walk away from the “sweet spot” area that all mixers know and still have precise location within the mix even if I walked around the control room.

This was the creation of the band into the room as If they were there playing live. This shock was assuaged upon further listening to a great diversity of music. Plainly stated, the AS8’s are the real deal in a whole new way of hearing. One that is much more akin to how a set of human ears hears everything in this world.

In the studio we listened with focused determination to roughly 25 diverse selections of music from Deutsche Grammophone (some Bach, Beethoven, Stranvinsky) to The Beatles (which only give us lifelong fans an even MORE respectful view of the genius of Sir George Martin).

We went on to rap, rock, funk, soul, indie-alt and even indie-folk and everything sounded accurate and 3 dimensional in the room.
We were like two teenagers falling in love with our favorite albums all over again and that was where we went, we just started spinning obscure favorite music and have a wholly new, yet trustworthy experience that had us at times just giggling like children.

We played favorite Beatles tracks, first listening on the two great sets of studio monitors and then (intrepidly) going to the DaS speakers only to find that the mixes were very, very grounded, brilliant and also that we were hearing small refined things that we’d NEVER heard before in songs that we both adored and had heard a thousand times before.

You have created an accurate sound system and the only one I know of ever known in my lifetime that concisely projects stereo into a 3 dimensional field in such a simple, clean and beautiful system design, is, well, quite frankly, one of the greatest thrills for my love of sound and music, that I’ve ever experienced.


A further benefit flows to the hearing impaired as the purity of the envelope from a DaS enabled speaker means many hearing impaired listeners find they can hear sound clearly without the need of any technical aid. Listening to TV, radio and music at regular volumes, without any assistive devices, becomes a ‘new normal’.

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