With decades of research-and-development and around $5 million invested… DaS AuReality is now a worldwide licensing opportunity that can dramatically disrupt every major audio related industry.

Every segment and aspect of the audio industry can find significant advantages by incorporating DaS technology into its line of products.

Wherever there is a use of audio – indoors, outdoors or highly specialised studios – integrating DaS technology means a clearer, more intelligible, nuanced and enjoyable sound – heightened audibility with natural realism…

in cars, living rooms, theatres, studios, conference rooms, concert halls,
airports, railway and bus terminals, lecture halls, phones, radio,
offices, web conferencing, stadiums …

wherever people listen, DaS humanises the technology of sound.

wherever people listen

A DaS licence can benefit your business in a multitude of ways:

  • Leading edge products that create a whole new dimension of listening experience
  • Expansion of product lines with distinctive uniqueness
  • Increase of sales and profit margins
  • Enhanced market perception as an adopter of truly innovative technology
  • Access a broader market of hearing impaired listeners

Simply put – we’ve ‘made the impossible possible’ so you can delight customers and grow your business.

IP Protection

The DaS patent protection strategy is both comprehensive and global. Layers of patents have been completed across the globe so your investment in a DaS license is secure.

The digital algorithm for DaS has been specifically designed to be concealed in a chipset, offering the highest level of protection possible.


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