‘Vastigo’ (pronounced Va-STI-go) is Esperanto for ‘diffusion’.

Vastigo Ltd was formed in Singapore, with the sole objective of ‘spreading the goodness’ of DaS AuReality – humanising speaker technology for the listeners of world.

Why? Because every listening environment and listening experience can be vastly improved with DaS – Diffusion produced at the source of the sound – in the speaker itself, without complex, expensive room treatments. This is an audiotech breakthrough in speaker technology.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to hear clearly and appreciate every detailed nuance of great music and the spoken word, in all its forms and in every environment. Humanising sound so it can be heard clearly and naturally, as the artist or presenter intended, as if present at the live performance, is our global mission.

To this end, DaS ushers in an exciting new dimension for the world’s manufacturers of ‘things that make sound’ to move into the future of broadcast sound NOW. By incorporating DaS into their products, listeners enter a whole new world of SOUND BEYOND SPACE AND TIME. This is speaker innovation.


DaS can be easily and affordably incorporated into any new or existing products, with the patented technology being available through customised Global Licensing arrangements, for small or large-scale incorporation into the partner’s products.

Vastigo also offers a complete range of audio consulting services to enable any sized business to produce a DaS enabled audio product:

  • Provision of DaS licenses with global protection
  • Acoustic engineering R&D services.
  • Industrial design services
  • Supply chain solutions
  • Pilot production and prototyping
  • COMSOL modeling
  • App development – supporting licensee related product
  • Product voicing


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Peter Moore

Peter Moore

Olavs Ritenis

Olavs Ritenis

Global Business Development, Director
Joe Hayes

Joe Hayes

CTO, Director

For further DaS technology and licensing information please contact

Olavs J. Ritenis
Global Business Development, Director

M : +65 9339 4536 (Singapore)
M : +61 416 58 63 63 (Australia)
E :