COMSOL model animation

COMSOL model animation

Showing how DaS Point Source pressure waves behave differently to standard speakers

Sound with ‘normal time’ speaker

Point Source sound with ‘un-time’ DaS speaker

COMSOL MODEL Composite signal of 9kHz, 11kHz, and 15kHz in phase

Note that the way the soundfield is bent in the DaS model means the listening room does not effect the original envelope. The singularity – harmonically constant note – sounds originate from a single point in space giving undistorted free field radiation.

The following ‘Ellipse Video’ shows the spatial location of the `crest’ in a wavefront for different frequencies (colours). As you rotate around the room the ‘crest’ moves away from the conventional loudspeaker ‘perfect’ circle `crest’ location. This is the Diffusion at Source introducing a different `time’ or ‘phase’ angle for every frequency in every direction, the fundamental mechanism for `time’ or ‘phase’ decorrelation of the radiated sound field.